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Imaging Solutions for Endoscopy and Surgical Robotics

Smart linear motion and actuation solutions

Medical robotic solutions that help everyone live healthier, more peaceful lives.

Empowering the Surgeon with the Maestro Robotic System

Articulated arms and holding systems for medical applications.

The First and Only Robotic Platform Designed for Focal Ablation of Prostate Tissue Using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).

Integrated medical solutions for operating tables, emergency stretcher (EMS), robotic surgery and general (mobile) medical devices.

Carrier solutions for pioneering surgical technologies.

Complete, custom-crafted sterilization trays to protect and organize your unique instruments.

Transforming Surgery. For Good.

Powerful video management solutions for the operating room.

The world's first revolutionary robotic navigation platform.

Revo-i, a safe and affordable robotic surgical system.

Your complete solution to the design, development, and manufacturing of components and assemblies for robotic surgical systems.

Cutting-edge, miniature robotics to deliver more accurate, cost-effective, and accessible micro-invasive interventions.

Your Partner in Medical Robotics.

Modular handheld solutions that are reinventing Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS).

Virtual Surgery Simulation Training with Haptic Feedback.

Proactive Cybersecurity for Surgical Robotic Systems.

Transforming robotic surgery with Anovo, the first and only surgical robotic system featuring miniature humanoid-shaped robotic arms.

Global leader in robotics to enhance the treatment of arrhythmias.

Developer of the world’s first and only hands-free robotic solution for CT-guided percutaneous procedures.

Global medical robot company - spine, joint & rehabilitation robotic systems.

The world's first and only hybrid surgical robot, Dexter.

Position Encoders for Surgical Robots

Miniature sensors for surgical robotic systems.

Custom computer vision for medical devices and applications

High-precision robots as medical and surgical assistants.

Manufacturer of micro metal parts by Micro Laser Sintering.

We AiM to improve patient outcomes by advancing neurosurgery with intraoperative precision robotics.

Advanced Motion Control Solutions for Medical Robots.

Suppliers of medical support, recovery and protective equipment.

Explore the New Face of Medical Science with Mixed Reality.

Manufacturer of autonomous UVC disinfection robots.

High Precision Robotic Surgical Navigation Medical Devices

Surgical robotics and medical cable assemblies.

Precision Contract Manufacturing for Medical Devices.

Precision Motion Control and Sub-System Solutions for Robotic Applications

Advanced 3D Surgical Planning Solutions

Global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT)

World-leading provider of intelligent robotic arms.

2D/3D robotic imaging and real-time surgical navigation system.

Next generation motors with revolutionary printed circuit board stator technology.

Robotic Functionality. Minus the Robot.

Free Your Robot - Efficient, Flexible and Dynamic Robots.

Creating the industry standard to accelerate safe and effective adoption, training and utilization of your robotic assisted surgical devices.

Rapid prototyping and injection moulding.

A recognized developer of advanced endoscope technology

Converting Innovation to Products.

High precision Harmonic Drive® Gear and Drives for surgical robots.

Specialist in high-reliability and industry standard interconnect devices for the most demanding of applications.

Laparoscopic instrument manipulators.

The complete modern data platform for medical devices.

UK SOLIDWORKS Software, Training & Support provider.

Handheld laparoscopic instruments with robotic features.

Simulation software for surgical and medical gestures education and training.

Recruitment and headhunting for the STEM sectors.

Medical and surgical screens and displays.

Technology leader in precision-guided robotic cancer surgery.

Manufacturer of laparoscopic instruments and surgical holder & positioning arm systems.

Slip ring and rotary joint manufacturer.

Optical measurement and electromagnetic tracking solutions.

Integrating AI and Robotics to pioneer image-guided robotic procedures.

Design, Development and Manufacturing of Surgical Devices.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Product Innovators

The world's first and only spinal navigation system that continuously tracks the patient's anatomy and the surgeon's tools in real-time.

Linear & Rotary Piezoelectric Motors.

Design and manufacturing of precision mechanical components, assemblies, gears and motion control systems.

Encoders and Optical Glass Gratings.

The Software Connectivity Framework Company for Medical Robotics.

Global executive search firm, specialising in Medical Devices.

Custom motor and motion system solutions for surgical robots.

Medical device design, development and contract manufacturing company.

It’s time to revolutionize your medical training with state-of-the art VR simulation.

World leader in data-driven medical education for orthopedics, obgyn, urology and general surgery.

Superior drive system & sensor technology for robot-assisted surgery

Distributor of instruments for minimally invasive surgery in Mexico.

UV disinfection robots for hospital infection control.

Your Single Source For Magnetic Solutions.

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