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Robotically-assisted surgical systems require real-time, secure, and highly-reliable data communications across a plethora of intelligent technologies, devices, and networks. These systems need to be designed with modular,  flexible, and interoperable architectures that allow for rapid and efficient device evolution, while also addressing simultaneous requirements for system reliability, safety, security and performance. 

RTI software enables distributed, intelligent, and secure data connectivity across devices and systems.  This connectivity is enabling the integration of advanced robotic components, instrumentation, visualization/sensor fusion, and data analytics across the digital ecosystem from the device to the edge to the cloud.

RTI Connext is the real-time, reliable, and scalable software connectivity framework that is accelerating the development of robotically-assisted systems. Based on the DDS standard, Connext offers secure, low latency, and reliable communication with no single point of failure. RTI Connext enables configurable and adaptable data interoperability across systems, devices, and product families through a decoupled data architecture. Connext also includes flexible and fine-grained cybersecurity of data connectivity to satisfy regulatory, hospital, and program requirements.

Leveraging expertise in distributed connectivity for safety-critical, intelligent, and real-time autonomous systems across medical devices and industries, RTI delivers world-class solutions, technology integrations and services to accelerate the development of flexible and increasingly intelligent robotically-assisted surgical systems.

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