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The Software Connectivity Framework Company for Medical Robotics.

RTI Connext® is the software connectivity framework that is powering real-time data communications in surgical robotics, and next-generation connected medical devices. Recently, RTI enabled Monogram Orthopaedics to successfully complete the world’s first fully remote, robotically-assisted Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) procedure in a lab demonstration. Connext Anywhere provided reliable and low-latency data transfer across networks allowing surgeons in New York City to operate an orthopedic robot located in Austin, Texas, from over 2,000 miles away, resulting in a successful remote operation.

Connext offers a software communication framework that is both “data-aware” and transport-agnostic. This enables device manufacturers to efficiently adapt to future data flow requirements and user needs. New programs can support a variety of computing platforms while also integrating legacy and third-party applications. Software teams can focus development on clinical applications instead of messaging infrastructure. Along with RTI’s comprehensive support, development tools, and industry ecosystem, Connext enables customers to optimize R&D resources and accelerate product life cycles. Connext is a proven safety-critical communication framework deployed in thousands of distributed and autonomous systems across industries.

In healthcare, RTI works with the leading medical device companies around the world, spanning surgical robotics, patient monitoring/critical care, imaging, and radiation therapy applications.

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