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What is a surgical simulator?

A surgical simulator is a device used to simulate surgical procedures for the training of medical students and medical professionals. Surgical simulators recreate surgical situations without the need of a patient, cadaver, or animal. This approach enables trainees to practice techniques multiple times until they become experts in performing the simulated procedure.


Surgical simulator from VirtaMed

Simulators can be low-fidelity or high-fidelity depending on how close the simulated procedure is to a real-life situation. Low-fidelity simulators allow for practice of individual skills, not an entire surgery, and are generally cheaper and allow for quick repetitive simulation to master a specific technique. Conversely, high-fidelity simulators can replicate an entire operation with a high degree of realism. Low-fidelity simulators are well suited for a novice to practice basic surgical skills, whereas high-fidelity simulators better serve the needs of advanced surgeons.

Robotic surgery simulators

Robotic surgery simulators are a relatively new development in surgical simulators, providing trainees with content to support the learning of a specific robotic system or general robotic surgery techniques. The simulators include a library of techniques and procedures which the trainee can perform. It is common for robotic surgery simulators to be virtual-reality based, with the surgeon viewing a virtual environment.

Surgical simulators can help to reduce the often-steep learning curve of robotic surgery in a safe environment away from the patients.


Robotic Surgery Simulator from InSimo and Surgical Science

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