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Sina Flex Robotic Telesurgery System

Sina Robotics and Medical Innovators Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, following 15 years of dedicated research and development in Medical Robotics. The company’s primary objective is to design, fabricate, and advance cutting-edge and innovative medical equipment for medical education, diagnostics, treatment, and post-treatment care, utilizing state-of-the-art medical robotics technology. Sina’s products, always prioritize high capability with an affordable price point as the main criteria. The company has already offered a comprehensive range of products, encompassing:

  • Surgical robots
  • Surgeon-assistant robots
  • Assistive and therapeutic rehabilitation robots
  • Advanced medical simulators for training purposes

All products have undergone meticulous evaluations by numerous medical and educational centers. To date, the company has garnered several international standards and certificates, including GMP, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, IEC 60601-2-46, and IEC 60601-1-8. The company places significant reliance on its research and development department, led by a dynamic and diligent team of young professionals who are fervently dedicated to enhancing healthcare services through the utilization of medical robotics technologies.

Sina Flex Robotic Telesurgery System

Surgeon Comfort, Patient Confidence


Sina flex is a system which can be used for performing abdominal surgery operations in an ergonomic posture for surgeon and also remotely through internet or other communication channels. This system has two main subsystems including a master robotic console at the surgeon’s side and a slave robotic system at patient’s side with two or three surgical robots which are installed on the sides of a specific surgery bed. A robotic cameraman called RoboLens is also integrated into the system to take the intra-abdominal images of the patient and send them to the surgeon’s master console.

The master robots receive the surgeon’s hands movements and transmit them to the patient’s side slave robots that mimic the surgeon’s hand movements in a real-time manner. Simultaneously, the slave robots measure the robot and patient interaction forces/torques, including the pinch forces under instruments jaws and transmit them to the surgeon’s side master robotic system. As a result, all tool-tissue interaction forces are fed backed to the surgeon’s hands through a visual haptic system.

The cameraman robot may be controlled through surgery handles, foot pedals from the surgeon’s side or smartly track the surgery instruments with no need to any human control command. Other operating room equipment such as electro surgery device may be also remotely controlled from the surgeon’s side master consol.

The Sina flex system has a reconfigurable surgery console. Using this system, the surgeon may sit behind the surgery console and adjust it for the best ergonomic posture of him/herself. Also, for long lasting surgeries which surgeon may prefer to stand during surgery and reduced his/her fatigue, the console may be pre adjusted and reconfigured to standing posture with special ergonomic parameters for each surgeon.

Also, the Sina flex slave subsystem, has a modular design for placement of surgical robots, so surgeons may design their surgery architecture themselves by reconfigure the placement of surgery robots at one side or both side of the surgery bed.

Using the Sina system, surgeon may use single or multiple use straight instruments for simple surgeries and also single use flexible instruments for more complex surgeries and through this way they may reduce the cost of surgeries.

Using the Sina flex flexible instruments which may mimic the surgeon’s hand and wrist movement, many complicated surgeries which conventionally should be performed by open surgery, may performed by Sina flex by a Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) method. So, the advantages of using this technology for surgery which have been widely proved up to know are:

  • Less trauma, bleeding, complications and hospital stay for patients specially in advanced and complicated surgeries.
  • Neutral and ergonomic posture for surgeon during surgery which may be in remote places to avoid harmful environment of operating room (HIV, Hepatitis C, COVID-19, CO2, Anesthesia gas, X-ray radiation,…).
  • Movement scaling and tremor reduction to increase the accuracy of the surgery.

The Sina flex special advantages are:

  • 5 mm, disposable and flexible instruments with bending ability to all directions and unlimited rotation.
  • Availability of both sitting and standing posture for surgeon during surgery with more ergonomic parameters.
  • High configuration flexibility for surgery robot placements at both sides of surgery bed.
  • Availability of non-interruptive docking and reorienting of the patient and surgical bed during surgery, a critical feature in the majority of general surgeries.
  • Force sensing capability and visual haptic feedback from the slave side to the master side.
  • Selectable handles for surgeon’s side for each special task and comfortless of surgeons.
  • Low initial, maintenance and consumable cost to popularization of this technology in most applications.

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  • Unit No.9, Incubation Center for Medical Equipment and Devices of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, North east corner of Imam Khomeini hospital complex, Bagher Khan Ave., Tehran, Iran
  • +98-021-66581530
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Head Office
  • Unit No.9, Incubation Center for Medical Equipment and Devices of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, North east corner of Imam Khomeini hospital complex, Bagher Khan Ave., Tehran, Iran
  • +98-021-66581530
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