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NDI  (Northern Digital Inc.)

Optical navigation and electromagnetic tracking technology for robotic-assisted medical OEM solutions.

NDI is a global leader in optical and electromagnetic (EM) navigation technology for the medical OEM device market. Fast and accurate medical device tracking is essential to preserving optimal workflow while adding to procedure efficacy and clinician confidence. Our optical and EM navigation solutions integrate into OEM medical devices, providing real-time instrument navigation in a broad range of applications. Backed by over 40 years of industry expertise and innovation, NDI manufactures the most accurate and responsive optical navigation solutions alongside gold-standard EM navigation solutions that track sensor-embedded OEM instruments without a line of sight.

Optical Navigation Technology

NDI’s Polaris® optical navigation solution delivers best-in-class measurement accuracy and reliability while seamlessly integrating with your OEM surgical navigation applications to bring 3D tracking into your application workflows.

The Polaris optical trackers deliver reliable measurement data with sub-millimeter accuracy and precision over a large measurement volume. The NDI Polaris family of products has established itself for robust and reliable tracking performance in almost any environment. When integrated into the workflow of surgical navigation systems, the Polaris optical tracker acts as the link between patient image sets and the physical 3D space. It enables the positions and orientations of surgical tools to be instantly localized and visualized within the operative field. Multiple tools can be tracked at
once without interrupting the surgical workflow.

Electromagnetic Tracking Technology

NDI’s Aurora® and 3D Guidance® electromagnetic (EM) tracking solutions generate a defined EM field in which EM micro-sensors are tracked without requiring a line of sight. Our EM technology can help minimize the need for intraoperative fluoroscopy while benefitting procedure workflow and efficacy.

The Aurora® and 3D Guidance® electromagnetic (EM) tracking solutions work by generating a defined EM field in which EM micro-sensors are tracked. It’s the small size of these sensors, and how they can be used in minimally invasive approaches, that have helped medical device OEMs transform image-guided surgery and interventional procedures over the past decade.

Sensors can be embedded into OEM medical instruments such as catheters, endoscopes, guidewires, and needle tips. Using the sensors’ tracking data, the OEM image-guided surgery system can localize and visualize the instrument as it’s navigated through anatomical tracts to target and reach treatment areas. Smaller sensors allow smaller instruments to access hard-to-reach areas and for use during delicate or complex surgical procedures. No line of sight is needed for tracking to occur. With NDI’s EM tracking solutions, you can track in-vivo instruments confidently with accuracy and precision.

Continuous electromagnetic tracking of OEM instruments and/or patient positions can also minimize the need for intraoperative fluoroscopy, which can benefit procedure time, safety, and efficacy.

Navigate New Possibilities™ with NDI, your trusted and reliable navigation technology partner.

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Northern Digital Inc.
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  • +1 (519) 884 5142
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