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What is a surgical robotic arm?

A surgical robotic arm is a type of mechanical arm which is usually programmable and functions in a similar way to a human arm. Depending on the types of procedure the robotic system is designed to perform, a surgical robot will usually have between one and four arms. For example, surgical robotic systems for minimally invasive surgery often include a robotic arm with a camera and multiple robotic arms with instruments attached to them.

Asensus Surgical Senhance Surgical Robot

Surgical and medical robotic arm manufacturers

Developing a surgical robotic arm from scratch can be a challenging and expensive task. Surgical robotics companies may therefore opt to work with experienced robotic arm manufacturers for this element of the system. Some robotic arm manufacturers offer standard robots specifically for medical applications which are available with a CB report. Depending on the requirements specification for the robot arm, it may be necessary for the robotic arm manufacturer to develop a bespoke solution.

LBR Med Robot Arm. Image owned by KUKA.
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