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Surgical robotics recruiters

A surgical robotics recruiter is an individual or company offering recruitment services to the surgical robotics industry. The services offered by surgical robotics recruiters can vary from headhunting a specific candidate to fill a one-off niche role, to recruiting an entire department or business unit over a longer timeframe.

Given the market growth and outlook, surgical robotics is becoming one of the key areas of focus for many medical device recruitment companies, and specific surgical robotics recruitment companies are also emerging.

It is common for surgical robotics companies to use external recruiters to help fill certain roles. For example, if a surgical robotics company is looking to expand into a new territory, it may choose to work with a specialist recruitment company in this region. 

What are the types of jobs in surgical robotics?

Surgical robotics jobs vary by company and application, but can be broadly split into the following categories:-

  • Product Research, Engineering & Design – common roles include Product Manager, Program Manager, Design Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Software Engineer, Security Engineer, Systems Engineer, and Robotic Algorithms & Control Engineer.
  • Commercial – common roles include Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Regional Sales Director, Commercial Executive, Sales Analyst, Marketing Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Clinical Sales Associate, and Market Intelligence Manager.
  • Corporate – common roles include Accountant, HR Manager, Health & Safety Associate, Legal Counsel, Recruiter, Financial Analyst, Administrator, Internal Communications, Payroll Manager, and Executive Assistant.
  • Manufacturing & Operations – common roles include Manufacturing Engineer, Quality Engineer, Technician, Supply Chain Manager, Operations Manager, Manufacturing Lead, and Test Engineer.
  • Customer Support & Training – common roles include Clinical Education Manager, Professional Development Manager, Field Service Engineer, Education Specialist, Internal Sales, Account Manager, Training Specialist, and Technical Trainer.
  • Information Technology & Systems – common roles include Information Systems Engineer, IT Solution Architect, Vision Automation Engineer, IT Manager, People Analytics Analyst, and DevOps Engineer.
  • Regulatory & Quality – common roles include Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Clinical Affairs Manager, Clinical Safety Specialist, Quality Assurance Associate, Supplier Auditor, Clinical Study Manager, Quality Engineer, Product Release Associate, and Design Control Engineer.

Surgical Robotics Job Board

In addition to using external recruiters, advertising hard to fill job roles on Surgical Robotics Job Boards, can help to reduce the time it takes to hire considerably.

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