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Accuray Opens New Facility in Switzerland


Accuray Incorporated has announced that as part of its commitment to advancing patient care the company has opened a new training center in Genolier, Switzerland, that will serve as the European education hub for radiosurgery and radiotherapy product training, and sharing of best practices and innovative techniques using the latest model Accuray CyberKnife® and Radixact® Radiation Treatment Delivery Systems and Accuray Precision® Treatment Planning System. The Genolier based center is the most recent addition to the Accuray network of advanced training facilities with sites located strategically around the world to make it easier for medical care teams to obtain state-of-the-art clinical education.

The Genolier training facility includes hands-on simulation facilities for the CyberKnife and Radixact Systems to be used for training and demonstrations, and meeting rooms equipped with the most advanced technologies to host seminars, workshops and educational events. Training will be tailored to meet the unique requirements of the various medical professionals involved in the care of patients using radiotherapy and radiosurgery, including neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, medical physicists, dosimetrists and radiotherapy technologistsThe center sits within the Genolier Innovation Hub, a fully-owned subsidiary of AEVIS VICTORIA SA, whose grand opening will occur later this year.

“People diagnosed with cancer rely on their medical team to recommend and deliver a personalized, precise and safe treatment for their specific condition. While our customers have multiple educational resources available to them, we play an important role and are dedicated to supporting their efforts to gain the knowledge and skills required to provide access to radiotherapy in their community and drive the highest level of patient care. Our partnership with Genolier Innovation Hub will help us to do just that by providing an incredible site to access high-quality hands-on training and learn from renowned faculty,” said Suzanne Winter, president and chief executive officer of Accuray.

The CyberKnife and Radixact Systems have complementary clinical applications with the same goal: to empower customers to deliver the most precise and accurate treatments while still minimizing dose to healthy tissue, helping to reduce the risk of side effects that may impact patients’ quality of life. The systems include advanced functionality that make it easier and more efficient to administer extremely precise radiation treatments, even to targets that move, providing the medical care team with options for managing the full spectrum of cancer cases, from routine to complex and initial treatment to retreatment, and neurologic disorders.

Source: Accuray Incorporated 

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