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Our Manufacturing Process

In the heart of the EU, in Hungary every day our Team uses the knowledge and the experience gained in last decades to ensure high capacity an uncompromising quality via our processes. Our wire cleaning capabilities meet the highest industry standards also fulfilling FDA requirements. The lowest currently produced is 0.000315 inches (0.008 mm). From Online process control to packaging, ensuring full traceability throughout the production processes. Tailormade mechanical properties, surface finished.

Facts about Tungsten

  • Tungsten has the highest melting point among metals at 3370°C(6100°F)
  • Tungsten has the highest tensile strength amongst non-alloyed metals at 2965 MPa (430000 psi)*
  • Tungsten has the lowest thermal expansion coefficient amongst metals at 4,5ɑ (μm/m°K)
wire surface design and composition

The arguments in favor of WireTech wire production

WireTech has developed in-house process solutions to ensure high capacity and uncompromising quality. As optional finish, clean wire purchase is possible. Our wire-cleaning capabilities meet the highest industry standards and resulting polished pure tungsten wire surface. Focusing on customer demands we can tailor made mechanical properties also based on final application BAD and EP versions are available.

WireTech’s Mission in the Medical Sector

The healthcare sector is typically one of the industries where very strict quality standards must be met.

WireTech’s track record and tradition in developing professional processes make us outstandingly suitable for adapting these standards. Thanks to our distinguished quality culture, we possess the knowledge required for production, in terms of technology, administration and documentation alike, which led to the implementation of scores of successful projects in the recent past.

WireTech has in-house professional engineering knowledge based on 6 sigma methodologies and extensive manufacturing capabilities, which ensure that we are positioned as one of the most competitive and flexible players in the market in various medical technology manufacturing projects.

Chemical and mechanical stability surgical robotics

Areas of applications Surgical Robots

Chemical and mechanical stability are the key performance metrics in the instruments used in surgical robotics. Custom mechanical properties and wire finish resulting our extending validations and FDA approvals which is a must in the area. We manufacture tungsten wire with a special composition and customized tensile strength for our partners. Our company is validated as component supplier. Our tungsten wire with a special wire surface design and composition that is resistant to high mechanical and chemical stress, utilized mainly in surgical robots.

We design our products in line with customer needs with different diameters, along the given mechanical parameters and according to the predefined surface finish.

Our partners can rely on our experience and expertise in product development, so we conduct professional consultations with both the end user and our direct customers when introducing new products.

special wire surface design


The success of our services lies in the fact that WireTech fully adapts to emerging customer needs starting from R&D, offers unique and customized solutions, and is flexible in terms of technological development with the involvement at the early stage of the NPI we are supporting developments from tungsten perspective finding solutions for the design issues also defining material parameters for the application. Usually, multiple iterations tested before defining the final product. Our engineering team can add value to your activity.

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Head Office Address
  • 4220 Hajdúböszörmény, Kinizsi P. u. 1. Hungary
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