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UV disinfection robots for hospital infection control.

What is a UV Disinfection Robot?

A UV disinfection robot is a robotic system which uses ultraviolet (UV), non-touch technology to disinfect environments which contain bacteria and viruses. Hospitals are one of the key applications for UV disinfection robots with adoption increasing significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Disinfection robot from Blue Point Robotics

Advantages of UV Disinfection Robots can include:

Autonomous operation – the robots can be programmed to follow a particular route in a hospital operating room, focusing the disinfection in specific places, including hard to reach areas, and then returning to its charging point.

Reduced labour costs – UV disinfection robots essentially become part of the workforce in hospitals, the need for physical staff is therefore reduced in places.

Safer – UV disinfection robots operate unmanned without the need for a human presence in the disinfection site. This means that healthcare workers are less exposed to harmful UV radiation during the process.

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