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RobotiX Mentor Robotic Surgery Training Solution

The complete robotic surgery training solution.

robotic surgery training solution

The RobotiX Mentor provides surgeons of all expertise levels with an opportunity to effectively practice the motor and cognitive skills required to perform robotic surgery. It provides basic skills to advanced procedural proficiency-based training.

RobotiX Mentor’s extensive library of procedures and curricula, developed in collaboration with medical societies and KOLs, is validated in numerous studies. Robotic basic tasks modules allow the user to familiarize with and master the fundamental aspects of robotic skills, while clinical procedure modules let surgeons immerse themselves into partial or entire robotic virtual procedures.

In close collaboration with the medical community, this cross-specialty simulation platform is built to be incorporated into your robotic surgery curriculum. Our powerful learning management system, MentorLearn makes it easy to tailor courses, benchmarks to your needs, and to monitor users’ progress. 


  • Highly realistic graphics of human anatomy and simulation of tissue response to instruments.
  • Adheres to the skills, tasks, errors, and metrics of a comprehensive robotic surgery training curriculum.
  • Interactive task and procedural guidance.
  • Complication management: simulation of errors and bleedings.
  • Fully integrated online for efficient simulation curriculum management.
  • Setup options suitable for individual and team training.
  • Tutorials: videos of experts performing tasks and procedures on the simulator along with videos of real procedures.
  • Includes our powerful LMS MentorLearn, with performance feedback and reports, customization of curriculum and benchmarks, and more.

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  • +46 31 741 65 65
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