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NaoTrac is a Neurosurgical Navigation Robot that merges high-precision technology and the surgeons’ experience to improve accuracy and outcome. NaoTrac offers fast and precise navigation with “non-contact ” and “frameless” registration, pre-operating planning preparation and choosing the surgical pathway with a 3D vision for precise anatomical location.

Benefits and Features:

  • Robotic-active Instrument Recognition: Compatible with standard surgical instruments. Additionally, there is no need for surgeons to manually measure the dimension of the tools as the robotic system will do this automatically. 
  • Autonomous surface matching and locating: Reduce the pre-operating workflow and save operating time by registering the patient’s facial landmark under 100,000 check-points of the coordinate system to enhance accuracy. 
  • High accuracy 3D medical image merging: Merges CT/MR data with 3D image to achieve high accurate surgical pathway.

SMART™ Platform

NaoTrac’s core technology, SMART( Surface Mapping Auto-registration Technology) platform, is an improvement to the market. It eases the inaccuracies or limitation of current solution, like the movement through a physical connection from tracking target to stationary devices. In addition, NaoTrac is a C-arm / O-arm free solution, providing further accessibility and better user experience while proceeding with surgical navigation.

The SMART (Surface Mapping auto-registration Technology) platform is the exclusive patented technology of Brain Navi Biotechnology. It merges machine vision, robotic technology, and AI Technology to achieve “real-time imaging”, “precise surgery” and “minimal invasive outcome” during surgery. We are targeting to the world’s top ten cancer early treatments as the research and development direction. 

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The below video is intended for healthcare professionals only.

NaoTrac has achieved CE Mark certification and was approved by Taiwan FDA. It is not been cleared by FDA.

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