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NDI Launches Upgraded Polaris Vega® XT Optical Tracker


NDI, a global leader in optical and electromagnetic measurement tracking solutions, is pleased to announce the availability of its upgraded premier optical tracker. The Polaris Vega® XT now provides an industry-leading measurement rate of 400 Hz and latency below three milliseconds.

Key features:

  • Unrivaled Measurement Rate – The Polaris Vega XT has an improved maximum frame rate of 400 Hz and reduced latency below three milliseconds, which allows for fast and efficient transfer of tracking data within robot-control systems. The frame rate remains constant even when multiple tracked tools are in view.
  • Communication Protocol – The Polaris Vega XT optical tracker now supports both TCP and UDP network communication methods. Selectable through the API, the addition of UDP provides users with a better option for wireless host communications in time-sensitive applications.
  • Exceptional Measurement Accuracy – The Polaris Vega XT delivers volumetric accuracy to 0.12 mm RMS with minimal noise. Track tools with total confidence; hardware characterization and factory calibration optimize accuracy for highly repeatable and reliable measurements.
  • Ease and Speed of Integration – The Polaris Vega XT includes software, source code, and API tools to streamline the design and development of tools and speed integration with OEM software applications. The software suite also includes utilities to support ongoing system diagnostics and maintenance.

“The upgraded Polaris Vega XT continues NDI’s tradition of providing our OEM customers with the most accurate and reliable optical measurement technology on the market,” says Jeff Stanley, Product Manager at NDI. “For OEM robotic surgery systems and applications, where high-speed tracking and low latency is critical, Vega XT now provides the industry with best-in-class performance and reliability.” 

To learn more about the upgraded Polaris Vega XT visit the NDI website.

Source: NDI.

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