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NDI partners with KUKA and MPE to offer robotic navigation development kit


NDI (Northern Digital Inc.) has announced the availability of a new OEM Development Kit to assist OEMs with the challenges of technical robotic and navigational development. Historically, OEMs are responsible for configuring the robot with the camera, including writing code for the robot and camera with two separate coordinate systems and conventions. In addition, OEMs also need to develop a system architecture, a surgical cart system and stand, as well as secure regulatory body clearance and certification.

The new Development Kit, which incorporates the KUKA LBR Med Collaborative Robot, NDI’s Polaris Vega XT® optical tracker, MPE’s medical cart, and sample code, aims to accelerate development and reduce costs by providing these key functionalities:

  • Registers and synchronizes the KUKA LBR Med robot to the NDI Polaris Vega XT coordinate system.
  • Tracks the KUKA LBR Med robot in real-time, using a multi-face end effector with retro-reflective markers.
  • Develops trackable customer accessory tools that can be optimized for customer-specific robotic surgery procedures.
  • Adjusts the robot path in real-time based on tool and patient position (“dynamic tracking”).
  • Identifies major software elements including communication protocols, user interface, and logic for applying NDI position data to move the robot.

KUKA, NDI, and MPE understand the importance of early engagement with start-ups and scale-ups. With the Development Kit, plus access to KUKA, NDI, and MPE’s integration and application teams, customers can kickstart the development of their unique medical device and reduce both work and risk.

Click here to read the Development Kit Case Study.

Source: NDI

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