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Piezo Motion Announces Upgrade to Miniature Rotary Motor


Piezo Motion, a Brain Scientific (OTCQB:BRSF) company, has announced an important update to its popular line of miniature rotary piezoelectric motors (the ‘RAS Series’).

The new addition to the RAS motor family (Model # RAS4P2) features almost twice the torque (4.5 mN.m) and fifty percent (50%) more speed (900 rpm) compared to the previous models while still maintaining the exceptional overall performance offered by the RAS series.

Piezo Motion’s signature rotary motor, built around a patented piezoelectric principle, overcomes the limitations of conventional high-precision DC stepper motors.

“Our latest addition to the RAS family provides exceptional resolution, fast response time, and an ultra-smooth motion; without the vibrational interference caused by traditional DC stepper motors,” said Dr. Mark Broderick, president of Piezo Motion. “Manufactured from lightweight reinforced engineering thermoplastics, and with a rotor diameter of just 11.2 mm, the new RAS combines high-performance in a lightweight design with exceptional energy-efficiency; characteristics that are essential for many medical device and high-tech applications.”

Piezo Motion’s multifaceted rotary and linear motors are built with technology that provides a stable, accurate motor designed specifically for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that require ultimate performance and quality; but without the burden of high cost.

Source: Piezo Motion.

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