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Next-generation electric motor technology.

Alva was founded in 2017 in Trondheim, Norway, with a vision of electrifying the world through a unique production technology for electric motors. Since then, the company has been on a mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable solutions across a variety of industries by developing the world’s best & most reliable electric drive systems.

Robotic Surgery

Surgical robots require motors with outstanding precision in combination of strength & compactness. Alva’s cogging-free motors enable surgeons to perceive even the most minuscule movements & forces, providing an unprecedented sense of control during operations.

Alva’s slotless motors combine high efficiency & high torque in a compact package, enabling robot manufacturers to create even more compact solutions with minimal heat development.

Frameless Motors

Alva’s slotless frameless motors push the boundaries of precision and power in the same package. 

Alva frameless motors
Outer diameter25 – 150 mm
Axial length10 – 30 mm
Continuous torque0.02 – 10 Nm
Peak torque0.05 – 50 Nm


Alva’s next-gen electric motors are manufactured by the company’s patented FiberPrinting™ technology. This groundbreaking process enables Alva to rapidly design & manufacture ironless & slotless windings with high copper fill factor for any electric motor or generator, setting a new standard in precision, torque-density & adaptability.

Alva fiber printing technology

Contact Information

Head Office Address
  • Fossegrenda 1E 7038 Trondheim Norway
  • +47 92 40 30 20
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Alva Industries Addresses

Head Office Address
  • Fossegrenda 1E 7038 Trondheim Norway
  • +47 92 40 30 20
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