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Medacta Unveils Cutting-Edge Implants for Acetabulum and Femur


Expanding Medacta’s Hip Revision Portfolio.

Medacta has announced the first surgeries with its AMIS(R)-K Long, Iliac Screw Mpact(R) 3D Metal, and 3D Metal(R) B-Cage, after each of the items received CE marking. These new products, alongside the M-Vizion(R) Modular Femoral Revision Stem, further broaden the Medacta Hip Revision Platform.

Medacta is constantly striving to provide surgeons with the versatility required to meet their patients’ needs, whether it’s a complex primary case or a difficult revision,’ said Francesco Siccardi, CEO of Medacta. ‘By further expanding our Hip Revision Platform, we are well-positioned to meet our goal of being a uniquely valuable partner for hip surgeons worldwide. The introduction of these new products and the next exciting ones that will be launched in the coming months are evidence of our commitment to supporting surgeons in providing personalized treatments for patients, so that they can return to a healthy and active lifestyle,’ added Siccardi.

The 3D Metal B-Cage is the latest addition to Medacta Reinforcement Cages Portfolio allowing surgeons to cover even the most challenging acetabular revision cases with major bone defects. Featuring an anatomical, anterior-friendly design, that simplifies implant introduction and thanks to the innovative design of the dome and flanges, an enhanced range of sizes, and the unique compatibility with lag and compression polyaxial locking screws, the 3DMetal B-Cage enables surgeons to bridge acetabular areas of bone loss or acetabular fractures with a brilliant approach.

An enhancement to the Mpact System for primary and complex hip revision procedures, the Iliac Screw Mpact 3D Metal is a cementless acetabular ultra-porous titanium shell with a modular polyaxial iliac screw. It provides surgeons with a comprehensive and versatile range of options to address a variety of complex hip replacement cases. The Iliac Screw Mpact 3D Metal is particularly appropriate in settings with extensive acetabular bone loss or special anatomy as it makes use of the iliac isthmus for support and fixation.

Because stability and fixation are key elements of hip replacement surgery, the Iliac Screw Mpact 3D Metal and the 3D Metal B-Cage are manufactured with Medacta’s distinguishing in-house 3D Metal technology, based on the state-of-the-art of metal 3D printing. The result is that these products are uniquely engineered to maximize the intended use of each device. With a high coefficient of friction, high porosity and large pore sizes constructed via 3D additive manufacturing, this advanced structure allows for an enhanced initial stability and provides a favorable environment for long-term metal-bone biologic fixation.

Furthermore, the surgical technique and the instrumentation for both implants have been developed to allow for streamlined implantation, either via a traditional or a minimally invasive anterior approach.

Because Medacta knows that implant versatility is vital in supporting surgeons’ efforts to provide personalized patient care, AMIS-K Long has been added to the AMIS-K family of implants. The AMIS-K Long-a Charnley-Kerboull long cemented stem specifically designed for revision THA-features a variety of lengths, shapes, and sizes. As such, surgeons have maximum intraoperative flexibility for treating a range of pathologies and patients, coupled with straightforward, modular instrumentation.

The M-Vizion Femoral Modular Revision System, the core of the Medacta Hip Revision Platform, allows surgeons to feel more confident in the OR when undertaking femoral revision cases. Introduced to the market in 2017 on a restricted basis and expanded in late 2020 with a broader range of options, the M-Vizion was developed with the support of surgeon leaders in the global orthopaedic community. Known for delivering maximum stability and versatility, and for providing a simplified and streamlined procedure, the M-Vizion is now being fully released into the market with positive preliminary results.

The M-Vizion modular implant design and easy to use instrumentation offer a highly versatile solution, allowing for a reliable and efficient treatment of various femoral bone defects, even in the most difficult revision scenarios,’ says Prof. Philippe Laffargue, orthopaedic surgeon at the Clinique du Sport et de la Chirurgie Orthopédique (CSCO), in Marcq-en-Baroeul, France. ‘The system provides me with great confidence going into surgery, knowing that I will have the right implant configuration with a secure fixation to meet the specific needs of my patients.

The AMIS-K Long, Iliac Screw Mpact 3D Metal, 3D Metal B-Cage implants and their cutting-edge concepts will be introduced into the market in selected medical centers following the guidelines of the Medacta Orthopaedic Research and Education (M.O.R.E.) Excellence Clinical Program. Under this program, Medacta releases new products on a restricted basis to conduct voluntary clinical programs in order to further confirm and document their safety and efficacy ahead of their full release.

The Medacta Hip Revision Implant Portfolio, uniquely compatible with the AMIS technique, is supported and complemented by a complete range of dedicated instruments to facilitate both failed implant and cement removal.

The tailored educational offering on revision hip replacement is expanding in parallel with the product portfolio. With an international network of expert surgeons, the M.O.R.E. Institute is at the forefront of education on revision techniques and products with personalized high-level educational pathways supporting surgeons with focused activities as they master revision.

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