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Medacta Launches MySpine for S2-Alar-Iliac Fixation


Orthopaedic technology innovator, Medacta, has announced the addition of MySpine(R) for S2-alar-iliac fixation (S2AI) to its MySolutions(R) personalized ecosystem.

MySpine is a patient-specific screw placement guide, which allows the surgeon to determine the preoperative 3D planning, based on CT images of the patient’s spine. MySpine S2AI is Medacta’s solution for a solid pelvis fixation achieved by means of screws which are inserted in the second sacral vertebra (S2) and protrude through the ala until the ilium walls.

The MySolutions ecosystem represents Medacta’s personalized medicine offering and includes patient-matched surgical instruments, advanced planning and verification tools, augmented reality-based personalized execution, patient pathway optimization, as well as clinical data collection and analysis.

Paired with Medacta’s M.U.S.T.(R) Pedicle Screw System, MySpine S2AI is intended for those patients requiring long constructs to fix degenerative spine disease as well as deformities, and it is designed to overcome the limits of a potentially insufficient lower spine fixation with current practices. This technique aims at supporting spine surgeons during the critical steps of pedicle screw placement by offering a less invasive approach, with the potential for improved accuracy, as well as reduced radiation exposure and surgical time.

The S2-alar-iliac technique represents an effective solution, as the trajectory within the joint allows for strong bone purchase, maximizing the resistance of the resulting construct and the potential of correction of the spino-pelvic malalignment. The more medial entry points reduce the need of muscle dissection leading to smaller incisions, thus potentially reducing pain for patients when compared to alternative lumbosacral instrumentation. This may eventually result in greater well-being for the patient, who can benefit from a less invasive and more effective surgery.

MySpine S2AI has already been widely used in Japan, where surgeries have been performed throughout 2020. This solution is now being introduced in Europe and the United States, with very positive results following the first procedures.

With this new solution, Medacta’s Spine portfolio now features a broader range of options for spinal disorders. Together with MySpine Cervical (not available for all markets), which represents Medacta’s patient-matched technology for accurate cervical screw placement, the MySpine platform is now a complete and comprehensive system of 3D printed patient-matched guiding tools and preoperative planning that allows for posterior spine fixation from cervico-thoracic to lumbo-sacral and pelvic fixation.

With MySpine S2AI and MySpine Cervical, Medacta is enriching its MySolutions personalized ecosystem of advanced technology solutions for spine surgery, which will also soon be enhanced with the NextARTM augmented reality-based surgical platform, which has been recently launched for total knee arthroplasty.

‘The practice of spine surgery is constantly evolving, and Medacta stands ready to equip surgeons with innovative technologies,’ says Francesco Siccardi, CEO of Medacta. ‘MySpine is our answer in personalized medicine for spine surgery, and we are proud to be able to offer an even more comprehensive solution with extended indications from cervical to pelvis, allowing us to address more surgeons according to their practice and their patients’ needs.’

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