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Medacta Announces First U.S. Surgery with M.U.S.T. LT System


Medacta has announced the first surgery utilizing its M.U.S.T.(R) LT, following clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). M.U.S.T. LT (Long Tab Screw System) is the new minimally invasive solution for posterior spine fixation in the percutaneous approach. Mainly focused on degenerative spine cases, M.U.S.T. LT expands the benefits of a percutaneous approach in spine deformity, tumors, and trauma applications. The first surgery employing M.U.S.T. LT has been recently performed in the U.S. by Stephen Tolhurst, M.D., at Texas Back Institute, in Plano, Texas.

‘The cortico-cancellous thread pitch offered great bony purchase,’ said Dr. Tolhurst about the surgery. ‘I enjoyed the slim profile of the screw towers and instruments, which facilitated a very minimally invasive approach, while maintaining robust and easily usable instrumentation.’

M.U.S.T. LT is a versatile solution giving the surgeons freedom of choice between fast locking screws, applicable in an extensive range of degenerative cases, and an extended reduction capacity, a crucial aspect in lumbar spondylolisthesis or thoracic kyphosis restoration. The absence of Nickel, Cobalt and Chromium makes M.U.S.T. LT a unique solution within the Medacta M.U.S.T. pedicle screw system, providing full spine fixation with 100% Titanium alloy constructs. Finally, the cortical-cancellous M.U.S.T. LT thread is designed to differentiate the bone purchase, adapting the implants to match the different bone density areas of the vertebra.

Medacta collaborates on a regular basis with internationally recognized surgeons on innovative surgical techniques and the evolution of products and methodologies. M.U.S.T. L.T. has been designed in collaboration with experts specialized in minimally invasive spine surgery. This innovative product is also supported by Medacta’s M.O.R.E. Institute, which provides continuous educational and developmental support to surgeons as they work towards discovering new technologies.

With the introduction of the M.U.S.T. LT system, Medacta continues to expand its fast-growing spine portfolio, delivering innovative solutions to surgeons for the benefit of their patients.

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