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Choosing Encoders for Surgical and Medical Robots, Interview with Josef de Pfeiffer and Paul Tutzu

In this interview, Josef de Pfeiffer and Paul Tutzu, Founder and Managing Director of FLUX GmbH, discuss all things encoders for surgical and medical robots including where they are used, important characteristics when selecting encoders, the importance of safety and how FLUX encoders meet the needs of this industry.

The interview covers:–

0:30 Please provide a background to yourself and FLUX

1:22 Which parts of the surgical robot typically require encoders?

2:34 What are the important attributes when selecting encoders for a surgical robot?

4:55 Could you talk a bit more about safety/redundancy with encoders?

6:47 What solutions does FLUX offer to this market?

9:17 What does a typical development project look like?

  • FLUX GmbH, Bahnhofstraße 32, 5280 Braunau am Inn, Austria
  • +43 7722 20764
  • [email protected]
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