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Meril CUVIS Joint Robotic System

Fully active robotic surgery system.

CUVIS Joint Robot System for joint replacement surgery is India’s first fully active Robotic Surgery System, uplifting lives. It is a user-friendly system that is a step towards a more innovative future offering 3D pre-planning, precision in cutting, and consistent, precise and predictable surgery results.

Key Features

Product & Class

  • Automation Robot surgical system (Class 3)


  • 3D CT base surgical planning


  • Fully automatic cutting (milling)
  • No cutting guides required
  • Tibial cut including keel preparation
  • Fully finished femur with all the cuts and peg holes


  • Emergency stop manual guide


  • OTS (Optical Tracking System)

Robot cutting

  • Max. 50mm/sec

Robot precision

  • Repeat precision <0.5mm/ positioning accuracy <1mm


  • Wide surgical space and high freedom (6 axis articulated robot)
  • Patient- Robot position guide (surgical space check)
  • Speed control during cutting
  • Compact hardware, minimize product space
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