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RTI Announces Collaboration with NVIDIA

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) has announced its collaboration with NVIDIA to deliver real-time data connectivity for the NVIDIA Holoscan software development kit (SDK) with RTI Connext®. Product teams can now efficiently build and deploy AI-enabled applications and distributed systems that leverage low-latency and reliable data sharing for sensor and video processing. Connext facilitates interoperable and real-time communication for complex, intelligent systems in the healthcare industry and beyond.

When it comes to delivering AI-enabled sensor processing applications, developers need systems that have access to distributed, reliable, and continuous data streaming across a number of different devices and data sources. RTI provides a connectivity framework for the NVIDIA Holoscan SDK, offering scalable and flexible integration across various systems and sensors to complement its powerful AI capabilities. 

“Connectivity is the foundation for cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, that are transforming the medtech industry and beyond,” said Darren Porras, Market Development Manager, Medical at RTI. “We’re proud to work with NVIDIA to harness the transformative power of AI to revolutionize healthcare. By providing competitive, tailored solutions, we are paving the way for sustainable business value across the healthcare, automotive, and industrial sectors, marking an important step toward a future where technology enhances the quality of life and drives innovation.”

Connext now integrates with NVIDIA’s AI sensor processing pipelines and reference workflows, bolstering data flows and real-time AI processing across a system of systems. With capabilities for real-time visualization and data-driven insights, the technologies will help drive more precise and automated minimally invasive procedures, clinical monitoring, and next-generation medical imaging platforms, as well as smarter, integrated systems across industries.

“Enterprises are looking for advanced software-defined architectures that deliver on low latency, flexibility, reliability, scalability, and cybersecurity,” said David Niewolny, Director of Business Development for Healthcare and Medical at NVIDIA. “With RTI Connext and NVIDIA Holoscan, medical technology developers can accelerate their software-defined product visions by leveraging infrastructure purposely-built for healthcare applications.”

Based on the Data Distribution Service (DDS™) standard, Connext is field-proven across many industries to communicate data with the highest level of reliability. Offering advanced capabilities and backed by global engineering and support teams, Connext has brought technical success to more than 2,000 programs. Connext allows applications to work together as one.

NVIDIA Holoscan offers the software and hardware needed to build AI applications and deploy sensor processing capabilities from edge to cloud, helping companies explore new capabilities, accelerate time to market, and lower costs. NVIDIA Holoscan now supports interoperability with a wide range of legacy systems, such as Windows-based medical devices, real-time operating system nodes in surgical robotic systems, and patient monitoring systems, through RTI Connext.

Source: RTI

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