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Piezo Motion and STXi Motion Announce Collaboration to Advance Precision Motor Market in Israel


Piezo Motion, a Brain Scientific company, and STXi Motion have announced a distribution partnership agreement. STXi Motion is a global engineering company that specializes in and produces motion control and servo solutions. Through the partnership, Piezo Motion will support STXi by offering piezoelectric motors and motion control capabilities in Israel.

Piezo Motion’s unique precision products provide STXi’s clients with a cost-effective solution that centers on the mechanism of motion control. Piezo Motion’s precision motors are engineered with minimal components, enabling economical products for small- and large-scale applications while having a stable and reliable result that will now be in line with STXi’s focus on industrial automation and robotics. Designed specifically for manufacturers that require precise control in a small and economical package, Piezo Motion’s product line is the solution to the motion control industry’s needs.

“Piezo Motion products offer flexibility for customization, which is very unique and highly attractive for our market,” explains Yosi Balbul, the general manager of STXi Motion, who also oversees global sales. “Combining our engineering capabilities with Piezo Motion’s motion control solutions will be a huge value for our customers.”

“People familiar with DC motors are often unfamiliar with all the advantages of piezo technology,” said Ezra Levi, project manager at STXi Motion. “But we see a surge in the market as companies are moving toward piezo solutions.”

“Israel is a global center for product innovation, and our motors provide unparalleled features, allowing engineers to miniaturize their solutions with increased precision,” said Hassan Kotob, CEO of Brain Scientific. “Our partnership with STXi will provide unmatched local service and support for a myriad of industrial applications.”

Source: Piezo Motion.

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