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Inovus Medical Announces Launch of High Fidelity Hysteroscopy Simulator


Inovus Medical® has announced the launch of a new high fidelity hysteroscopy simulator, HystAR™. The simulator combines the company’s patented Augmented Reality technology and cloud-based learning platform with the natural haptics of its simulated tissue models to deliver highly realistic, scalable, tracked hysteroscopy skills training. 

The HystAR™ is the third hysteroscopy simulator in the Inovus portfolio and joins the highly successful Bozzini Hysteroscopy range that has been on the market since 2018. Unlike the largely analogue Bozzini simulators, The HystAR™ sports the same cloud based learning platform seen with the company’s high fidelity laparoscopic simulator, LapAR™. The learning platform enables training surgeons to review and analyse their performance data as well as allowing faculty to connect with their trainees from anywhere in the world, allocate tasks, review performance, provide written feedback and issue certificates of competency. 

Dr Elliot Street, Inovus CEO said, ‘Scalability of surgical training is a major focus for us at Inovus as we believe this is the key to driving safe surgical care across the globe. We are proud to be bringing the digital technologies that have been so successful in the LapAR™ to our hysteroscopy portfolio. This digitalisation is a major step forward for hysteroscopy training globally.’  

Following a successful pre-launch at the AAGL congress in Austin, Texas in November, Inovus has already secured pre order interest from major reference sites in the domestic and international markets. Of particular interest is the unique ability of HystAR™ to be used with the full range of hysteroscopic devices including resectoscopes, morcellators and fluid management systems. The device agnostic approach, combined with performance tracking and feedback features, makes the HystAR™ the perfect tool for training safe device handling and technique for hysteroscopists of all standards. 

Miss Jessica Preshaw, Consultant Gynaecologist Endometriosis Lead for North Bristol Trust and Laparoscopic Simulation Training Lead the Severn Deanery, “As there has been a huge shift in our activity from performing hysteroscopy procedures under a general anaesthetic to now performing them in our ambulatory suite with the patient awake. The Inovus Medical range of hysteroscopy simulators allow our trainees the ability to build confidence, hone their skills and familiarise themselves with the instruments before performing hysteroscopy procedures on a patient.” 

Source: Inovus Medical.

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