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Cambridge University Hospitals Adopt Inovus Medical LapAR™


Inovus Medical has today announced that Cambridge University Hospitals have become the latest adopters of LapAR™, providing trainees across the trust the opportunity to train with the next generation in connected surgical training. 

Following the recent purchase of a number of LapAR™ simulators, Simulation Fellows based at the world famous Addenbrookes Hospital will be working to integrate the cutting- edge simulation platform into the latest curriculum for gynaecology surgical skills training. 

The LapAR™ platform will offer trainees the flexibility to work within the hospital or at home allowing them to receive tasks and feedback through the online platform and provide their trainers the ability to monitor progress and assess their performance. 

Mohamed Mabrouk, Consultant Gynaecologist based in Cambridge, commented; “We have seen many VR simulators in the past which haven’t provided the real feel simulation you get with LapAR™, trainees are able to get that all important haptic feedback from using the medical models within the LapAR™ simulator. LapAR™ also makes it possible for us to offer efficient training, and distant training providing the ability to monitor our trainees progress either from the surgical or system point of view.” 

Dr Elliot Street, Inovus Medical CEO, commented; “We are extremely excited to be assisting the simulation leads at Addenbrookes develop the latest curriculum for gynaecology trainees through the use of the LapAR™ platform. We are confident the platform will provide them with the flexibility and comprehensive data to improve trainees’ performance and ultimately result in safer patient care.”  

Source: Inovus Medical.

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