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EgoDent Dental and Medical First in UK to install the ACUSON Juniper Select Ultrasound System from Siemens Healthineers


EgoDent Dental and Medical is the first in the UK to install the ACUSON Juniper Select ultrasound system from Siemens Healthineers. The introduction of the system marks the beginning of a new era for EgoDent as it expands services from routine dentistry to include the provision of medical imaging – bringing diagnostic services closer to the community.

EgoDent Dental and Medical was established as a dental clinic in 2017. As one of two facilities in the UK, the clinic in Stanmore operates with a focus on high-quality care – offering advanced technology to support accurate diagnostics for improved patient outcomes. With the ACUSON Juniper Select, EgoDent is set to benefit from a diverse range of shared service and women’s health clinical applications as they launch general, breast and gynaecology ultrasound services.

Introducing imaging services at the clinic follows a trend within the healthcare sector, moving diagnostic services closer to the community and creating more accessible care outside of the traditional hospital setting. Following the successful launch of general ultrasound and women’s health ultrasound imaging services, the clinic plans to expand its gynaecology department. It is predicted the user-friendly interface will enable an easier transition as the clinic introduces an additional consultant to support an increased number of appointments.

Designed to facilitate imaging patients of virtually any size or weight, the ACUSON Juniper Select delivers consistent results whilst maintaining rapid image acquisition times. The system guides users through procedures to mitigate unwarranted variation while reducing motion artifacts and noise to enhance diagnostic confidence and support the best possible patient care.

“The ACUSON Juniper Select from Siemens Healthineers forms the first part of our plans to expand service provision with a range of private imaging services,” states Vlad Mateciuc, Director of EgoDent Dental and Medical. “The new system is key to ensuring our patients get accurate diagnostics and effective treatments. We chose the ACUSON Juniper Select to help us in developing efficient workflows as we expand our range of services. Since this system has been in place, it has supported the expansion of our gynaecology department beyond expectation. We are pleased to be able to continue growing and helping our patients in new ways with the user-friendly interface improving our efficiency and helping us to see more patients in a day.”“The ACUSON Juniper Select from Siemens Healthineers offers powerful capabilities built into one of the smallest market footprints in its class,” states Harshal Vadera, Head of Ultrasound at Siemens Healthineers GB&I. “The multi-specialty system can be used in any department and has cardiac and 3D foetal scanning capabilities, allowing potential for further growth of imaging services at the clinic. Moving diagnostic services closer to the community is a key topic right now, as the healthcare industry seeks to optimise patient pathways. The implementation of systems like this outside of the hospital setting can improve accessibility of these services. We are pleased to hear the system is supporting the clinic to expand their offerings.”

Image (From left to right): Harshal Vadera – Head of Ultrasound at Siemens Healthineers GB&I, Vlad Mateciuc – Director of EgoDent Dental and Medical, Dr Ana Nicolescu – Consultant Radiologist at EgoDent Dental and Medical, Matt Travis – Regional Sales Manager for Ultrasound and Sumedha Mahna – Clinical Applications Specialist – Ultrasound at Siemens Healthineers GB&I with the ACUSON Juniper Select.

Source: Siemens Healthineers.

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