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NHS Trusts Implement Siemens Healthineer’s MAGNETOM Sola MRI systems


11 of these systems are installed in new relocatable modular solutions.

Hospitals across the UK upgrade MRI facilities following a £200 million investment as part of the government’s commitment to improving screening and diagnostic services1. MAGNETOM Sola MRI systems from Siemens Healthineers are being installed as part of the drive. 11 of these systems are installed in new relocatable modular solutions, these are sited outside of the hospital building, supporting the NHS to maintain service delivery during COVID-19 and beyond.

As part of the NHS Long Term Plan, and in line with recommendations from Prof. Sir Mike Richard’s Recovery and Renewal report, substantial investment in imaging equipment has led to a second wave of upgrades in hospitals across the UK. With MRI, CT and mammography services amongst those seeing sustained growth in demand, access to new technology is key to ensuring the NHS meets targets to diagnose three-quarters of cancers at an early stage by 20281.

Following the peak of the pandemic, NHS services are facing new challenges to their imaging service provision. With the backlog of care in England at its greatest point for 20 years, solutions to improve screening and diagnostic services are vital to mitigating the impact of COVID-192.The MAGNETOM Sola from Siemens Healthineers uses BioMatrix technology to personalise exams and automatically adjust biovariability to minimise unwarranted variations. The 1.5T MRI system works to reduce the need for rescans with consistent, high image quality and improved acquisition times.

The installation of the MAGNETOM Sola within a relocatable modular solution has highlighted new uses for the system and established more flexible access to precision medicine for the NHS. With many legacy buildings unable to fulfil the needs of a modern health service, modular imaging solutions can support trusts as they expand to meet the needs of their local population, while seeking to tackle growing diagnosis and treatment provision backlogs.

At St Albans City Hospital, a relocatable modular solution has been installed to support restructuring within West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust. “The modular solution has been able to enhance the diagnostic facilities on the St Albans City Hospital site and support our trusts clinical strategy,” states Nuala Littlechild, Radiology Services Manager at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust. “The MAGNETOM Sola from Siemens Healthineers has been sited in a modular solution at St Albans City Hospital, providing extensive support to all our patients especially our cancer patients and our patients having planned surgery on this site.”

“The introduction of relocatable modular solutions has been instrumental in ensuring Trusts have had access to the equipment upgrades prescribed by NHS England,” states Matt Gibson, Diagnostic Imaging Business Lead at Siemens Healthineers GB&I. “The MAGNETOM Sola’s excellent image quality and improved acquisition times will support the NHS to enhance care delivery as it seeks to tackle the examination and treatment backlog. The NHS is looking to continue bringing care closer to the patient via community diagnostic hubs, and the flexibility to position imaging equipment where it will have the greatest impact via these modular solutions will be critical to their success.”



Source: Siemens Healthineers.

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