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Zettlex Ultra IncOder™ Range of Angle Encoders Expanded


Rotary encoders for medical and surgical robotics.

Precision motion control components business, Celera Motion, has expanded its Zettlex Ultra IncOder™ series to include a new range of small diameter units. Zettlex IncOders are non-contact devices which allow precision measurement of angle or angular speed in harsh environments where traditional capacitive and magnetic devices can be unreliable.

The new Mini Ultra IncOder™ has been created, offering two smaller diameters – sizes 37mm and 58mm. These compact and lightweight products are particularly suited to mobile robotics applications, such as unmanned ground vehicles, which have strict size and weight requirements.

Included in the Ultra IncOder series, the Midi Ultra range has expanded to include several new mounting formats as well as a new duplex option for electrical redundancy which is often a requirement in safety critical applications – notably, surgical robotics.

Josef de Pfeiffer, Head of Commercial, Zettlex, comments: “We have seen high demand for Ultra IncOder series since we launched the product line in June 2019 – particularly in the SATCOM, Surveillance and UAV markets. The Ultra IncOder series brings unique capabilities to complex systems and devices that keep critical functions running, enabling customers to discover new levels of efficiency while creating competitive differentiation.”

Key features provide the industry’s most advanced angular measurement capabilities:

  • High accuracy & resolution
  • Stability irrespective of environmental conditions
  • Measurement performance largely independent of installation tolerances
  • Insensitivity to foreign matter
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Ability to sense over a wide range of geometries
  • No need for bearings, bushes, or seals
  • Can also be used to measure weight, vibration, strain, shock, tilt, pressure and even temperature (by expansion)
  • No service or maintenance needed, they are ‘fit and forget’ devices.

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