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CMR Surgical’s Versius Adopted for Outpatient Surgical Procedures


CMR Surgical has announced that its Versius® Surgical Robotic System has been installed in an outpatient surgical practice for the first time in Europe. Andre Serebrennikov, Resident Surgeon and Partner at the Center for Ambulatory Robotic Surgery Surgical-Orthopaedic Practice Wiesbaden-Biebrich in Germany, initially plans to perform outpatient hernia surgery with the assistance of Versius. Further indications that robotic assistance may also be suitable for in outpatient surgery will then be evaluated. 

“We are entering new territory as practising surgeons here, and we believe that our patients will benefit immensely from robot-assisted surgery. During the pandemic, we have seen that surgical procedures in hospitals have had to be rescheduled at short notice. Being able to offer surgical interventions that are possible on an outpatient basis will help alleviate the burden on the wider healthcare system, and ensure patients are getting the care they need as soon as possible.”

The key factors for Andre Serebrennikov in choosing Versius were its high level of precision, versatility and modular design. “Even more than in a hospital, the surgical robot must offer maximum mobility and modularity given the spatial conditions in a practice in two senses: mobility of the entire system and mobility of the arms. Therefore, Versius was the obvious choice for us.” The Versius system is not restricted to one location, and can be moved from room to room easily. The four individual bed side units mean that Versius provides surgeons with freedom of port placement to best suit the needs of each patient.

Per Vegard Nerseth, Chief Executive Officer of CMR Surgical said“We are delighted that Versius is now available for outpatient surgery, helping to bring the benefits of minimal access surgery to more patients. The introduction of Versius in an outpatient setting is testament to its small, modular form, and we believe it can add tremendous value in outpatient surgery practices, as it does for hospital surgery departments. We are proud that the first installation of Versius in an outpatient practice took place in one of the most respected healthcare systems in the world.” 

Source: CMR Surgical.

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