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Buckingham Healthcare Trust Latest to Adopt Inovus Medical’s LapAR™


Inovus Medical has announced the adoption of its LapAR™ high fidelity laparoscopic simulators by the Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust. The Trust, which occupies three sites across Aylesbury, High Wycombe and Amersham and provides care to over half a million patients across Buckinghamshire, has chosen to adopt the LapAR™ platform for their high-fidelity laparoscopic skills training. Multiple LapAR™ systems will be installed at the simulation centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital to facilitate technical skills training for the surgical and gynaecology trainees in the Trust.

Buckinghamshire NHS Trust provides training to surgical and gynaecology trainees across a wide and diverse geography. The hub and spoke capabilities of the LapAR™ provides the perfect solution for facilitating constant access to high fidelity training across multiple clinical sites and from trainee’s homes. The unique augmented reality features of LapAR™ prevent any degradation in training experience between the remote learning and hospital based simulators.

Trainees across both specialities in the Trust will be using LapAR™ to work towards competency in the LapPass® curriculum. Designed and validated by the Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ALSGBI), the LapPass® consists of four standardised tasks focussed on developing and assessing core laparoscopic skills. In addition to working on LapPass® competency, the trainees will be able to complete full procedure simulations such as cholecystectomies and myomectomies. The natural haptics provided by the medical models in LapAR™ have already been shown to translate into improved confidence in the clinical setting.

Bridgette Brogden RN MA, Simulation Faculty Lead, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust said, “Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust have been advocates of Inovus since 2017, as new innovative products such as LapAR™ have become available, we have added to our simulation equipment. We use Inovus products regularly in surgical and gynaecology simulation training for our trainees. The products are realistic, easy to use and extremely helpful to their learning.”

Joe Williams, XR Simulation Facilitator  said, “Very intuitive and accessible – with analytical data that’s simple to access and share. LapAR™ offers so much accessibility in practicing key laparoscopy skills”

Dr Elliot Street, Inovus Co-founder and CEO said, “It is exciting to see such a significant investment in LapAR™ by Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust as it highlights how this technology has levelled the playing field with respect to access to high fidelity surgical training. Our proprietary approach to augmented reality based surgical training allows us to considerably reduce the cost while dramatically increasing the realism of training. I am excited to see the Inovus team help organisations of all sizes capitalise on the unique opportunity that LapAR™ presents to access high fidelity surgical training technology.”

Source: Inovus Medical.

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