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HandX Handheld Robotic System

Fully articulated software driven handheld robotic system.

software driven handheld robotic system

HandX is a 5 mm fully articulated software driven handheld robotic system, which ideally bridges the gap between laparoscopic and robotic surgery. The design of the system is very ergonomic which allows the surgeon to hold and operate the system with more ease and perform the surgery with a lot of comfort compared to the conventional tools of laparoscopy. HandX allows the surgeon to reach the target anatomy with ease with the software controlled articulating tip (giving the exact degrees of freedom as of any surgical robot) and perform the complex surgery precisely.

Product Features:

  • Surgeon driven solution: The surgeon holds the system and stands beside the patient throughout the surgery, just like using the conventional laparoscopic tool.
  • A modular system: HandX device has a modular design allowing the mounting of different instruments on the same hand piece.
  • Compatible with 5mm trocars: The instrument’s shaft is 5mm in diameter which can be introduced through the 5mm trocars justifying the M.I.S (Minimally Invasive Surgeries) procedures.
  • Tactile feedback: HandX provides a tactile feedback since the instrument is in the surgeon’s hand itself.
  • Natural ergonomics: Designed to make the system use more comfortable thus making it more ergonomically handy.
  • Simplifying complex maneuvering in MIS: As the system is embedded with a software, it allows the surgeon to manoeuvre within the abdominal cavity of the patient with ease enabling the surgeon to perform the most complex procedures easily with maximum result.
  • Degrees of freedom: It offers 7 degrees of freedom – insertion, roll, grasp, internal yaw, external yaw, internal pitch, external pitch.
  • Dedicated Robotic OT: Since the system is portable you do not need a dedicated robotic OT.
  • Quick set-up: Benefits of having a handheld system saves the set up or docking time.
  • Minimal need for unlearning and relearning: With HandX, there is a significant advantage as the port position and access will remain the same. This results in a very short learning curve, making the transition to HandX smoother and easier.
  • Dual modes for learning: HandX offers both intuitive and counterintuitive modes of operation, providing users with the flexibility to choose the method that suits them best. This enhances the ease of adaptation and ensures that users can comfortably utilize the system.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements: HandX is designed to be a low-maintenance device, with only software upgrades needed for improvements and updates. This ensures that healthcare facilities can focus on delivering quality care without worrying about frequent device maintenance.
  • Affordable solutions: HandX aims to make Robotic Assisted Surgery accessible to a wider range of patients by offering economical prices. This way, the benefits of Robotic Assisted Surgery can be passed on to patients without imposing a significant financial burden.
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