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SensONE 6-Axis Force Torque Sensor for Cobots

Force Torque Sensor Featured: 

SensONE is an accurate 6-Axis Force Torque Sensor and is integrated with IMU designed for advanced applications in the automation and robotics industry. The high stiffness, sensitivity, and robust sensor make it the perfect application.

It’s EtherCAT and Serial (RS422/RS485), or USB output can deliver up to 1000 Samples per second. It is integrated with a 6-DoF IMU, Temperature sensors, IP67, and a wide range of power supply from 9 to 70 V.

You can use the signal directly as an input to your robot controller, all electronics are integrated, no mechanical adapters are needed, and it has integrated ISO flanges for both sides.

The SensOne is a one-of-a-kind product because of the high power supply range and ideal for mobile applications.

This 6-Axis force torque sensor is designed for force and position control. It is the easiest sensor to integrate with robotic systems and can perform high precision assembly, polishing, product testing, and safe interaction.

The SensONE is offered with URCaps for Universal Robots and software packages for other robots to enable you to speed up your application development.

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