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Dominion Aesthetic Technologies: EON

EON, created by Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, is an FDA-cleared 1064nm laser, disrupting the non-invasive lipolysis industry. The treatment head, driven by an articulated robotic arm, delivers consistent laser energy while heating adipose tissue up to 51°C.

Breakthrough jet-impingement cooling technology and real-time monitoring create a comfortable, dignified patient experience with an industry-best temperature differential of 11.5°C. Autonomous technology maps the body’s unique topography for a personalized treatment while accurately delivering an unprecedented degree of fat-reducing energy. EON keeps the skin substantially cooler than previously possible, all without ever touching the patient.

An entire abdomen can be treated in 60 mins with unrivaled efficacy free from time-consuming gels, applicators, or post-treatment massages needed with other body contouring devices. It’s time for Smarter Body Contouring. It’s time for EON.

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