Surgical Robotics Technology

Summit Designer

Market-ready designs by experts. Novanta strives to provide customers with all the tools needed to develop their perfect applications. As part of this initiative, Summit Designer is an open-source application library that delivers standard market-ready PCB designs for the Summit Series drives, set to revolutionize the robotics industry. Novanta allows applications to be developed effortlessly, with minimal changes and seamless integration with Novanta’s drives.

The open-source library of market-ready robotics designs is maintained by their team of experts. Engineers can now skip the lengthy development process. Simply choose from their extensive and curated collection of designs and easily adapt them to meet your specific needs.

Summit Designer empowers innovation, accelerating time-to-market while ensuring top-notch quality and reliability. Stay ahead of the competition with Summit Designer and unlock a world of possibilities for your robotics projects. Reduce time-to-market while saving development time, manpower, and cost.

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