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Linear Motion and Actuators for Surgical Robotics – Stephen Fryzlewicz, Ewellix Global Director

In this interview, Stephen Fryzlewicz, Global Director, Medical Sector at Ewellix discusses the company’s background, products, and the solutions Ewellix offers to the medical market.

The interview covers:

0:13 – Tell us about Ewellix

1:19 – Which parts of the surgical robot typically require linear motion?

2:15 – What are the main engineering design considerations for these parts of the system?

3:36 – What solutions does Ewellix offer to this market?

4:19 – Can you provide more detail on your products and their features?

6:10 – What is your process for developing an OEM solution?

7:32 – What is Ewellix’s track record in the medical market?

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