Surgical Robotics Technology

Denali Safe Servo Drive

The legend that keeps on giving. Re-discover the Legendary Denali Servo: Revolutionizing Motion Control. The world’s smallest, most power-dense servo drive just got better with the addition of functional safety.

The legendary servo drive continues to deliver unprecedented performance for robotic applications. Designed with a relentless focus on low power consumption, space optimization, and cutting-edge capabilities, Denali empowers engineers to push the boundaries of motion control.

Building on the success of Denali, the evolution is Denali Safe – the next level of safety in Novanta’s product line. Engineered to meet the most demanding safety standards, it now offers advanced safety functions up to SIL3 PLe. Safety has never been easier. Integrating essential safety functions into your robotics applications is now a breeze. Surge forward with confidence by incorporating Denali Safe into surgical robot consoles, grippers, end-effector actuators, pipetting systems, and haptic feedback systems. Gain the necessary safety functionalities for accelerated certification, ensuring a smooth development.

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