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How to Mount a Micro Reaction Torque Sensor to a Brushless DC Motor

When mounting the QTA141 to a brushless DC motor you need to avoid the motor’s indirect forces influencing the measurement. Hence, the motor shaft must pass through the hollow reaction torque sensor’s through-hole without touching its inner diameter.

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The QTA141 micro reaction torque sensor is the smallest torque sensor in FUTEK’s catalog.

Its unique geometry allows it to fit in applications where precision closed-loop torque measurements have previously not been possible. By matching the motor/gear head assembly diameter without adding to its size, the QTA141 micro reaction torque transducer allows for precise torque measurement in a very dense array, which maximizes the real state utilization of the assembly. Its unique motor mounting provisions do not require adapters, which would increase the system’s height and weight.

Key Benefits:

• Allows for multiple mounting configurations

• Can mount directly onto a brushless DC motor

• A large ID supports the motor shaft coupler

• Very thin and flexible cable withstands the tight bending radius and physical stress associated with moving applications

• Can be integrated with electronics for custom requirements

• High precision and reliability

• Ideal for medical surgical robots or any dynamic application

• It can be modified to suit OEM applications

• Low height (10mm) allows easy integration to most joints and motor

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