Surgical Robotics Technology

Aura™ Series Tiny Absolute Optical Encoder

The Aura™ Series absolute optical encoder is extremely small, measuring at 9 x 7 mm.

  • Mount to any board shape for design flexibility. PCB mount SMT package reduces cabling complexity.
  • Experience low power consumption for thermal and energy efficiency.
  • Eccentricity calibration allows elimination of second averaging readhead, reducing cost and additional power consumption.
  • The ultra low 1.5 g weight allows for improved dynamic response.
  • Wide alignment tolerances provide efficient assembly, reducing production cost.
  • Multiple communication interfaces – BiSS-C, SSI, SPI, ABZ – and BiSS daisy chaining to reduce cabling.
  • Additional incremental operation for lowest latency & communication redundancy.

Learn more about tiny optical encoders.

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