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Pioneering the Secondary and Surplus Surgical Robotics Market – Thomas Shrader, R2 Surgical

In this interview, Thomas Shrader, President of R2 Surgical discusses what prompted R2 Surgical to sell robots on the secondary market, what the company is doing in the veterinary space and how R2 Surgical contributes to a more sustainable medical devices market.

The interview covers:–

0:13 – Please tell us about R2 Surgical.

1:45 – What prompted your decision to sell robots on the secondary market?

3:55 – What is different about R2 Surgical?

6:11 – Who are your ideal clients?

7:52 – What do you expect to happen in the secondary market?

11:34 – How do you manage the logistics of shipping to different geographical regions?

13:37 – What are you doing in the veterinary space?

15:40 – How else do you contribute to a more sustainable medical devices market?

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