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Pioneering Robotic Surgery in Uzbekistan – Dr. Bakhadirkhanov Mukhamed Zarif

In this video, Dr. Zarif, Head of the OR Department, Republican Specialized Scientific-Practical Medical Center of Urology discusses robotic surgery in Central Asia, the benefits of Revo-i Surgical Robot and shares highlights from the Celebration Symposium of 40,000 Robotic Surgeries at Severance Hospital.

The interview covers:–

0:13 – How much interest in robotic surgery is there in Central Asia?

1:07 – Please tell us about the Celebration Symposium of 40,000 Robotic Surgeries at Severance Hospital-Joint Symposium by the Urological Research Society

1:51 – Please tell us about your first visit to Severance Hospital?

3:34 – In your presentation on Revo-i during the symposium, what was your main message?

4:30 – What questions were asked during the session?

5:45 – How has the medical field in Uzbekistan changed after the installation of Revo-i?

6:33 – Is the number of Revo-i procedures increasing?

7:31 – Do you have plans to further engage with Europe or America through congresses?

8:32 – What are your additional plans for collaborating with Korean Urologists?

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