Surgical Robotics Technology

Instruments for Robotic and Navigated Surgery

To achieve the tight-tolerances required for medical instruments for robotic and navigated surgery, ARCH MedTorque has industry-leading precision machining capabilities.…

“The tolerances that are required on a robotic instrument are difficult, and not a lot of our competitors can hold the tolerances that we do,” says Chad Ryshkus, vice president of commercial operations at ARCH MedTorque, a division of ARCH Medical Solutions.

ARCH Medical Solutions is a combination of engineering expertise and precision-machining technologies serving the orthopedics, surgical robotics, dental, and life sciences markets. We are structured to provide the capacity, flexibility, and scalability you need to succeed. With multiple FDA-registered facilities across the U.S., we are strategically positioned to optimize your outsourced precision-manufacturing needs.

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