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Winners of The Surgical Robotics Industry Awards 2024 Unveiled

Surgical Robotics Technology is delighted to announce the winners of the Surgical Robotics Industry Awards 2024, recognising the exceptional contribution of individuals, organisations and technologies in the industry.

There are five categories for the 2024 Awards: Industry Leadership, Innovative Start-up, Outstanding Company, Outstanding Healthcare Provider, and Groundbreaking Technology. The winners are detailed below.

Category: Industry Leadership

Winner: Lucien Blondel, CTO, Quantum Surgical

Lucien Blondel is the co-founder and CTO of Quantum Surgical, bringing over 20 years of experience in introducing robotics to various surgical specialties. His experience includes leading R&D for Medtech SA (Rosa® Surgical Robot). Lucien is host of the Less Invasive Podcast and is a respected source of education in the surgical robotics industry.

“Being selected for this award among an incredible panel of distinguished leaders in surgical robotics is a great honor. I am especially grateful for the teams I have led this past two decades who designed innovative robots in various surgical & interventional specialties. This accolade fuels me to keep sharing with the community emerging technologies, startups and trends in this market – so we are all better educated to design, manufacture, clear, sell and service assistive technologies that aim to answer physicians’ needs and improve patient outcomes.”

Lucien Blondel, CTO & Co-founder, Quantum Surgical

Category: Innovative Start-up

Winner: Medical Microinstruments, Inc.

Medical Microinstrument’s (MMI’s) Symani® Surgical System is a first-of-its kind robotic technology that uniquely addresses the scale and complexities of microsurgery and supermicrosurgery. NanoWrist instruments that feature the world’s smallest surgical robotic wrist replicate the natural movements of the human hand, are combined with motion scaling and tremor reduction capabilities. The Symani was granted De Novo Classification by the FDA on April 8, 2024, making it the only commercially available robotic platform in the U.S. for reconstructive microsurgery. The first U.S. clinical cases for complex extremity reconstruction using Symani were completed weeks later.

“Our recognition as the Innovative Start-Up is a testament to the enabling capabilities of the Symani® Surgical System and the tireless MMI team behind our technology. Robotic microsurgery is opening new treatment options for a range of complex disease states, redefining what’s possible in the operating room, and truly innovating in a new field of soft tissue, open surgery. We are honored to receive this accolade for the trailblazing work that our team does on behalf of patients every day.”

Mark Toland, CEO, Medical Microinstruments, Inc.

Category: Outstanding Company

Winner: Moon Surgical 

Moon Surgical, based in Paris, France, and San Francisco, California, is building the OR of the future, one that is digitalized, efficient, and sustainable. The Maestro™ System’s compact size, portability, compatibility with current instrumentation, seamless surgeon workflow integration, and data-rich insights empower healthcare teams to make confident decisions. The Maestro digital surgical assistant has already been used to successfully treat over 250 patients globally.

“We are honored to receive the Outstanding Company award at the Surgical Robotics Industry Awards. This is a fantastic recognition of our mission to create the OR of the future—one that is efficient, sustainable, and digitalized. By pioneering a new category of robotic surgery, we remain committed to advancing surgical robotics and improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery for patients worldwide.”

Anne Osdoit, CEO, Moon Surgical.

Category: Groundbreaking Technology

Winner: THINK Surgical – TMINI™ Miniature Robotic System

THINK Surgical, Inc.’s TMINI™ Miniature Robotic System is designed to enable accurate implant placement and accelerate uptake of orthopedic robotics. Following a CT-based three-dimensional surgical plan, the TMINI™ robotic handpiece automatically compensates for surgeon hand movement to locate bone pins along precisely defined planes.

“THINK Surgical is honored to receive the “ground-breaking technology” award in 2024.  We were excited just to make the finalist list and be recognized alongside so many impressive new products. We have been working on TMINI® Miniature Robotic System for almost 10 years and are delighted that it is now available in the US market. It redefines the concept of an orthopedic robot and has the potential to make robotic technology more accessible to orthopedic surgeons. THINK Surgical is committed to maximizing customer choice by offering TMINI as an open platform solution.”

Stuart Simpson, CEO, THINK Surgical,

Category: Outstanding Healthcare Provider 

Winner: Cohen Orthopedic

Dr. Brian Cohen is the lead surgeon at Cohen Orthopedic, providing care to patients in Chillicothe, Grove City, and Columbus. Cohen Orthopedic utilizes MAKO SmartRobotics™ for personalized surgical planning and precise surgical guidance. Last year, Dr. Brian Cohen, completed his 2000th procedure using Stryker’s Mako SmartRobotics™.

“I am truly humbled by having Cohen Orthopedic be named as the Surgical Robotics Industry award winner of the Outstanding Healthcare Provider Category for the year 2024. Cohen Orthopedic has always focused on “Patients First!” Patient Safety, Patient Experience, and High Quality Outcomes. Treating patients like they are a part of the Cohen Orthopedic family, is “what we do!  We make the patient the priority!” Leveraging technology is how we deliver on our mission statement.

“Thank you again to Surgical Robotics and Novanta for recognizing our efforts with this award. Thank you to both the employees and the patients of Cohen Orthopedic, this award is for you!!”

Dr. Brian Cohen, Lead Surgeon, Cohen Orthopedic

“As a proud sponsor of the Surgical Robotics Technology awards, and on behalf of the entire global Novanta family, we extend our warmest congratulations to Lucien Blondel, Cohen Orthopedic, THINK Surgical, Medical Microinstruments and Moon Surgical in achieving this accolade. Your exceptional teamwork, and relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation are an inspiration to us, and to the industry as a whole. We wish you, and all the very worthy nominees continued success on your incredible journeys.”

Martin Price, Vice President of Digital Media & Brand Marketing, Novanta Inc.

“Massive congratulations to this year’s Award winners. Each making a huge contribution to breaking boundaries and pushing the industry forward. I’d also like to thank our partner, Novanta, and the thousands of individuals who casted their vote, the surgical robotics community is truly unique, and we are proud to be part of it.”

Josef de Pfeiffer, Founder of Surgical Robotics Technology

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