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Varian Announces Key Milestones in Adoption of HyperSight

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Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company announces two key milestones as its users continue to adopt the new HyperSight™ imaging solution on the Ethos and Halcyon® radiotherapy systems:

  • Health Canada has granted Investigational Testing Authorization for a clinical study at Nova Scotia Health evaluating potential benefits of HyperSight on an Ethos system.
  • Varian has completed the first commercial installation in the world of a new Halcyon system equipped with HyperSight at Huntsman Cancer Institute.

“We developed HyperSight to bring high-quality imaging inside the radiation treatment room, and believe this technology has the potential to be a game changer for cancer care teams and patients alike,” said Kevin O’Reilly, President of Radiation Oncology Solutions at Varian. “We are committed to collaborating with our users and clinical partners to gather data that can help us better understand the role HyperSight can play in advancing care, and look forward to working together to make this technology available to more patients in need.”

Investigational Testing Authorization Granted for Clinical Study at Nova Scotia Health Examining Benefits of HyperSight on an Ethos System

Health Canada has granted Investigational Testing Authorization for a clinical study evaluating the potential benefits of Varian’s HyperSight imaging solution. The study will be conducted at Nova Scotia Health, the first site in the world to obtain HyperSight images of human trial participants on an Ethos therapy system. The Ethos system is designed to enable clinical teams to deliver adaptive radiotherapy, which allows the clinician to adjust the patient’s treatment plan to reflect changes in the tumor or surrounding tissue, in real time during a typical treatment appointment. Images acquired on an Ethos system equipped with HyperSight can be used to inform and potentially enhance the adaptive radiotherapy workflow.

The investigators at Nova Scotia Health will compare the quality of HyperSight images to cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) images acquired from a standard CBCT imaging system on a TrueBeam® system. Additionally, they will evaluate the ability to accurately calculate radiation dose distributions directly from HyperSight CBCT images, which has not been possible with conventional CBCT images.

“We are eager to evaluate the potential benefits of HyperSight, including how it may enhance the patient experience,” said Dr. James Robar, Chief of Medical Physics at Nova Scotia Health, who also serves as chair of Varian’s Intelligent Imaging Consortium. “The ability to acquire high-quality images during the normal course of treatment and in just six seconds provides an exciting opportunity to potentially deliver more efficient, comfortable care with the potential benefits of real-time treatment adaptation using Ethos. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Varian to drive further adoption and innovation of this promising technology.”

First Commercial Install in the World of New Halcyon System Equipped with HyperSight

Varian recently completed the first commercial installation of a new Halcyon system equipped with HyperSight at Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since installation, Huntsman Cancer Institute has treated several patients, including head and neck cancer patients, with the new Halcyon system.

“We are impressed by the quality and speed of HyperSight image acquisition and the opportunity to revise treatment plans and adapt therapy efficiently. The possibilities and potential benefits of this technology are exciting – for both our team and our patients,” said Shane Lloyd, MD, Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology at Huntsman Cancer Institute. 

Source: Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company

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