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Varian and Icon Oncology to Establish Cancer Treatment Hub for Southern Africa


Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company, has announced a partnership with Icon Oncology, South Africa’s leading oncology provider, that will enhance access to cancer care through a value-based cancer treatment hub for the Southern Africa region. The strategic partnership includes investment in seven new linear accelerators, including Halcyon® and TrueBeam® radiotherapy systems, and associated software solutions. Varian will also be partnering with Icon Oncology to support skills development and local training of its professional staff and provide maintenance support for Varian machines.

Varian’s radiotherapy systems will be installed in new and existing Icon Oncology centers in South Africa, expanding Icon Oncology’s existing fleet of 32 Varian linear accelerators in the country. This represents a significant volume of innovative cancer care technology that contributes to establishing Icon Oncology as a cancer treatment hub for patients across the Southern Africa region. The continued investment and strong partnership aim to increase treatment capacity and broaden patient access to care in a region where cancer rates are expected to rise significantly over the next two decades.1

“We are leading the way in addressing the increasing cancer burden in the region by securing the highest quality, cost-effective cancer care for the greatest number of patients,” said Anthony Pedersen, CEO of Icon Oncology. “The strategic partnership with Varian will drive the adoption of value-based care to deliver better patient outcomes and contribute to our intent of establishing a value-based cancer care hub for the entire Southern Africa region.” 

“As the cancer burden continues to rise, we are proud to partner with Icon Oncology to not only expand access to advanced cancer care across the Southern Africa region but also to grow and develop the crucial skillset and talent to achieve a world without fear of cancer,” said Kevin O’Reilly, President, Radiation Oncology Solutions at Varian.

1. Sylla, B.S. and Wild, C.P. (2012), A million Africans a year dying from cancer by 2030: What can cancer research and control offer to the continent?. Int. J. Cancer, 130: 245-250.

Source: Varian.

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