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Titan Medical Reveals New Brand Identity for Robotic Surgical System


Titan Medical Inc., a medical device company focused on the design and development of robotic surgical technologies, announced today the launch of a new name and brand identity for its robotic surgical system under development, the Enos™ robotic single access surgical system.

During the coming weeks, the Company will gradually transition to the new Enos brand identity, including on its website and in presentations and other corporate material. Along with the change to the identity of its surgical system, the Company will transition to an updated corporate brand identity that, while retaining the Titan Medical name, complements the Enos robotic single access surgical system.

Enos, translated from the Greek language, has the meaning “of one,” which aligns well with Titan’s commitment to single access surgery. Working with an industry-leading branding team, the Company determined that while it should retain its corporate name as a valuable asset, the use of “SPORT” as an identity for its surgical system did not accurately reflect the Company’s values and beliefs and the uniqueness of its technology.

“We are excited to share the renaming and branding of our single access surgical system,” said David McNally, President and CEO of Titan Medical Inc. “While our technology focus remains the same, the Enos identity better reflects the Company’s belief that a single incision and simplified approach to surgical procedures is better for everyone, bringing immense potential for expanding utilization and the elevation of the standard of care for patients around the world.

“The new brand identities demonstrate the evolution of Titan Medical and what we are seeking to accomplish in the robotic assisted surgery space; to become the new standard of care in robotic single access surgery,” McNally added. “As we have successfully leveraged our in-depth robotic surgery expertise, technology and intellectual property to establish strategic relationships, and as we have recommenced the development of our surgical system, we believe now is the appropriate time to launch the new brand identities.”

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