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TAE Life Sciences and BEC Partner to Incorporate Robotic Patient Positioning System as Part of Alphabeam™ System


TAE Life Sciences (TLS), a biological-targeting radiation therapy company developing next-generation boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT), has announced a partnership with BEC GmbH (BEC) to incorporate a customized, robotic patient positioning system as part of its Alphabeam™ Neutron System for the high-precision radiation treatment of tumors.

During BNCT, it is essential that the patient is positioned accurately in relation to the radiation beam and that the radiation therapist has the ability to adjust the patient’s position throughout the whole treatment session. BEC will be developing a unique chair setup that will allow for flexible patient treatment in a seated position in addition to the traditional treatment couch configuration. Exclusively designed for TLS’ Alphabeam™ Neutron System, the chair is optimal for treating specific types of head and neck cancers.

“The exact positioning of the patient and the ability to adjust as necessary during treatment is paramount in BNCT and we are thrilled to partner with BEC to adopt the best positioning system available today,” said Bruce Bauer, PhD, CEO of TAE Life Sciences. “BEC is renowned in its field and the coupling of our BNCT therapy with its positioning system provides the best of both worlds in helping to treat invasive, recurrent and difficult to treat cancers.”

Installed in the ceiling and equipped with a linear axis, BEC’s exacure system positions patients for treatment in front of the radiation beam in a stable and flexible manner, while allowing for up to 7 levels of movement. The camera system monitors the position of the patient treatment table 500 times per second and applies corrections in real time, if necessary, to ensure optimal treatment results. The requirements for medical devices that are used for BNCT treatment differ substantially from the requirements for systems used in conventional radiotherapy, as material properties become degraded by neutron irradiation. BEC provides the first certified complete system that guarantees safe operation of all components even under the effects of neutron radiation.

“Our robotic patient positioning system was developed specifically for partners like TAE Life Sciences that have created next-generation BNCT as a first line treatment for cancer patients, and we look forward to working together to provide flexible robotic patient positioning for high-end radiation treatment,” said Matthias Buck, CEO of BEC GmbH. 

Source: BEC, TAE Life Sciences.

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