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Smith+Nephew to showcase latest technologies at AAOS 2021 Annual Meeting


Smith+Nephew has announced it will showcase its latest Sports Medicine innovations for joint repair and arthroscopic enabling technologies during the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 2021 Annual Meeting being held in San Diego, CA.

The latest technologies include:

FAST-FIX FLEX Meniscal Repair System: The only device to offer a surgeon-guided, bendable needle and shaft providing access to all zones of the meniscus. 1-3 Improving access leads to a greater opportunity to repair the meniscus rather than remove it, resulting in long-term benefits to the patient.4-6 

INTELLIO Connected Tower: Uses a centralized app to wirelessly connect and control the major components of an arthroscopy surgical tower from outside the sterile field, helping to streamline procedure support. Recent advancements to the connected tower include a new pump and 4K optimized scopes. 

  • DOUBLEFLO Inflow/Outflow Pump: Designed to be simple, effective and connected, the DOUBLEFLO Pump is able to respond to a surgeon’s needs in diverse clinical situations.7,8 It can be controlled remotely by the LENS Connected Tower App and offers heads-up display projection on the arthroscopic tower, allowing surgeons to focus on the patient rather than equipment. 
  • 4KO (Optimized) Arthroscopes and Laparoscopes: Expands 4K surgical imaging portfolio for multi-specialty centers. Designed with improved image quality, the 4KO Direct View (DV) Arthroscopes have a 30% minimum increase in resolution compared to Smith+Nephew HD DV arthroscopes9. And by offering C-mount and Direct View coupling, surgeons have the flexibility to choose the scope that works best for them based on procedure type and surgical preference. 

WEREWOLF FASTSEAL 6.0 Hemostasis Wand: Using low temperature thermal energy10, the WEREWOLF FASTSEAL 6.0 Hemostasis Wand delivers hemostatic sealing (via coagulation) during open orthopaedic procedures such as total joint arthroplasty (TJA) – such technology has shown to significantly reduce total blood loss*11 as well as significantly shortening procedure time.**12 

REGENETEN Bioinductive Implant: Supports the body’s natural healing response by inducing the growth of new tendon-like tissue13-16 to biologically augment the existing tendon and disrupt disease progression.13-17 Delivered arthroscopically through a small incision over the location of the rotator cuff tendon injury, the implant is about the size of a postage stamp and is completely resorbed within six months.***15,18  A new study shows how REGENETEN is setting a new standard of recovery for partial-thickness rotator cuff tears. 

CAP-FIX Suture Passer: A direct style passer designed specifically for the passage and retrieval of suture through the hip capsule to facilitate capsular closure. The tip and hook geometry have been optimized for strength, sharpness, trajectory, and suture throw and are available in 45 and 70 degree angles.19-20 It is compatible with Vicryl™ Size #2 (a specific absorbable suture) as well as other Smith+Nephew standard suture offerings.20  

SPORTPORT® Cannula: A soft, flexible cannula designed to accommodate a surgeon’s access and range-of-motion in the joint space with easy insertion and a cannulated disposable obturator. The cannula’s flexibility streamlines the surgeon’s procedure by facilitating access to anatomy. Available in two sizes, it is designed to adjust to a surgeon’s diverse clinical needs.

To learn more about these ground-breaking Sports Medicine innovations, please stop by the Smith+Nephew booth (#1735) during AAOS 2021.

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***On human biopsy (n=1) and in-vivo sampling


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Source: Smith+Nephew.

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