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Smith+Nephew launches Real Intelligence and CORI◊ Surgical System in India


Smith+Nephew, the global medical technology business, has announced the launch of its Real Intelligence suite of enabling technology solutions including its next generation robotics platform, the CORI Surgical System, in India.

Robotics-assisted orthopaedic surgery has been gaining momentum in India, which is expected to grow at 20% Compound Annual Growth Rate over the coming years1 as surgeons and patients look to better and more predictable outcomes. With around 200,000 joint replacement procedures annually2, the need exists and the opportunity is well-timed to introduce a ground-breaking new technology.

Smith+Nephew first brought a robotic-assisted solution to India in 2016 with its NAVIO Surgical System, recently awarded the ‘Best Healthcare Brand in India’ by the Economic Times. Since then, the NAVIO installed base has steadily grown, with multiple installations across the 12 states. The CORI Surgical System was first launched in the US during 2020 and has expanded in other global markets for both total and unicompartmental knee arthroplasty applications.

The CORI Surgical System is small*,4, portable and perfect for today’s crowded operating rooms4. It includes new camera technology that is over four times faster**,4, offers more efficient cutting with twice the volume**,4, and aims to deliver a faster* robotic-assisted surgical procedure.5 The CORI System uses surgeon-controlled robotics, and its modular design will enable it to be scaled across the orthopaedic service line.

“The CORI Surgical system is arguably the most sophisticated orthopaedic robotic system available. It’s like taking a large, traditional surgical robot, making it smarter, and shrinking it to fit in your hand. Instead of a bulky appliance moving your hand during surgery, CORI allows you to perform the procedure while it corrects for you. It keeps the surgeon in control and makes everything more elegant,” said Dr. Jimmy Chow, Orthopedic Surgeon for Hip and Knee, Orthopedic Institute of the West. “Smith+Nephew’s Real Intelligence ecosystem puts the surgeon at the center by combining all aspects of patient care, hardware, software and data solutions to enhance decision-making in and out of the OR.”

“Smith+Nephew is a global pioneer in robotics-assisted orthopaedic surgery and that is especially true in India with nearly a half decade building the market and creating access through investments in education, awareness and adoption,” said Myra Eskes, President of APAC, Smith+Nephew. “We are well positioned to meet the growing demand for this exciting technology and look forward to helping our customers and their patients realize its many benefits.”

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*compared to Mako and ROSA®

**compared to NAVIO Surgical System

+compared to conventional techniques

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