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Smith+Nephew introduces pioneering new technologies for its JOURNEY◊ II total knee arthroplasty portfolio


Smith+Nephew, the global medical technology business, today announces the introduction of two significant new technologies to its total knee arthroplasty (TKA) portfolio – the JOURNEY II Medial Dished (MD) for TKA and SYNC Performance Instruments.

Contemporary knee designs are seeing a resurgence in a sub-category of tibial inserts that are designed to optimize knee kinematics through a more constraining medial design. This style of tibial insert provides a surgeon the option of not cutting a PS box in the femur, as well as either retaining or sacrificing the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL).

The design goal of the entire JOURNEY II family is to recreate the normal shapes, position and motion of the healthy knee. JOURNEY II Medial Dished (MD) is designed to provide more normal kinematics despite the condition or presence of the PCL. Expected to enter initial commercial release later this fall, it aims to improve patient function1-4, enable smoother patient recovery3,5 and deliver higher patient satisfaction1,3,6.

“I am excited about the addition of the Medial Dished insert to the JOURNEY II CR Total Knee System,” said Dr. Kevin Fricka, Orthopaedic Adult Hip and Knee Reconstruction at Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic. “This insert will allow me the flexibility I need to achieve excellent knee kinematics in both cruciate sacrificing and cruciate retaining total knee replacement procedures.”

Smith+Nephew is further bolstering its TKA portfolio with the launch of SYNC Performance Instruments. Developed to help improve the surgeon’s experience with a new ergonomic design, a reduction in the number of instruments, and a compact tray design. SYNC enables a streamlined, user friendly and intuitive solution with the performance and intraoperative flexibility surgeons demand to meet every challenge. Additionally, a customized tray configuration helps minimize OR footprint and can reduce the burden on central sterilization.        

“Smith+Nephew’s SYNC instrumentation provides a new level of intraoperative flexibility,” said Dr. John Shields, Associate Professor Orthopaedics, Wake Forest Baptist Health. “They offer improved precision, ergonomics, and customization of modular trays that the entire team appreciates.”

With over 250,000 implantations, the JOURNEY II TKA has system continued to demonstrate clinical improvements in patient satisfaction, function, recovery, as well help reduce the economic impact to the episode of care.5,7


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Source: Smith+Nephew.

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