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Smith+Nephew Announces Launch of Real Intelligence and CORI◊ Surgical System in Canada


Smith+Nephew has announced the launch of its Real Intelligence brand of enabling technology solutions, as well as its next generation handheld robotics platform – the CORI Surgical System – in Canada.

Real Intelligence will address clinical challenges through the continuum of care including patient engagement, pre-operative planning, digital and robotic surgery, post-operative assessment and outcomes measurement. Each solution in the Real Intelligence digital ecosystem informs the next phase of treatment, and over time will allow healthcare providers to use outcomes data to make more informed decisions in how they treat their patients. The CORI Surgical System will stand at the center of the Real Intelligence brand and is now available for both total and unicompartmental knee arthroplasty.

“With the introduction of the CORI Surgical System, we have a handheld robotic-assisted platform that is especially well suited to meet the needs of the Canadian marketplace,” said Dave O’Neil, Vice President and Managing Director, Canada for Smith+Nephew. “The CORI System does not require CT or pre-op imaging and has the potential to improve both implant placement accuracy1-5,* and OR efficiency.6,** It is a fraction of the size of other robotic platforms on the market*** and represents the first step of Smith+Nephew’s long-term strategy to change the way orthopaedic surgeons treat their patients here in Canada.”

Smith+Nephew plans to continue to introduce new applications for this robotics platform, expanding beyond knee procedures and into other orthopaedic pathologies.

“I am very excited to start using Smith+Nephew’s CORI Surgical System to deliver the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery directly to my patients,” said Dr. Douglas Naudie, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Professor, Western University. “The handheld robot coupled with intuitive software helps to accurately size and position the components and optimize ligament balance. The entire system is efficient and portable – a welcome combination for a crowded operating room.”

The CORI Surgical System has received Health Canada approval and is available for sale in Canada. For more information, please visist


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*Compared to conventional techniques

**Reduced number of trays required for CORI™ UKA & TKA procedures compared to conventional procedures. Using the JOURNEY™ II implant family

***Compared to Mako and ROSA® systems

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